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Ontario based tribute act. These rockers lived it, loved it, and now they want to Ramble On with you.

With over 40 years of performance experience this band will transport you back to a time filled with a Whole Lotta Love and keep you grooving along to your favourite Zep tunes.

Dunnville mudcat festival

Return of the Freaks Festival

Kentucky Hill Music Fest

Firefighters Street Festival

As seen AT....

Opening act for:

Kim Mitchel

Parliament ( The original P-Funk)

The Grant Fullerton Band


Whole Lotta Love

Ramble On

Black Dog

Dancing Days


Immigrant Song


and so much more!

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darrell crumb

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Rick Carter

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Larry Passmore


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Pat hardy

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REin knol

“ Redd Raven started playing Zeppelin and the people went crazy, they were on fire! ”

“ We have shared the stage with a lot of Zeppelin tribute bands over the years and Redd Raven is by far, the best”

“they play all the favourites and a few surprises… fastest 90 minutes of any Zep fans life”

Director Dunnville Mudcat Festival 2018

Dennis F.

Andy Gingerich - The Mud Men




P.O. Box 631

Bowden, AB.

T0M 0K0